Footscan Analysis

Foot biomechanics can account for many issues relating to the foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back in the recreational runner or in everyday life. We combine the analysis with an assessment of muscle length and joint mobility and interplay. We also look at the need of the runner in relation to personal goals and running style (forefoot, mid foot or heel to toe). Patients often have a scan due to pain or as a preventative measure prior to taking up a new sport or as they increase their weekly running mileage.

How it works

We take several readings of you walking / running over an electronic plate to get a consistent picture of your normal walking pattern. The advanced technology then automatically divides the foot into specific regions, allowing force and pressure distribution within these areas to be analysed. The amount of pressure, speed and control of your foot are noted and advanced calculations allows the right orthotic to be prescribed and made to correct an asymmetry or dysfunction. This will in turn allow better shock absorption of the foot to ease pain and aid performance.


We use the state of the art footscan® technology with an assessment of muscle length and joint integrity. Your dynamic foot function will then be analysed using footscan® foot pressure technology while walking and / or running. This is done barefoot and in trainers / shoes.

A treatment program is then designed for your specific problem. This may or may not include advice of a corrective custom made insole which we can order to fit from the scan. Insoles can be temporary or permanent. This often depends on whether your problem arose after a specific event or over a prolonged period of time. It also depends on other issues including whether you are a midfoot or forefoot runner and the amount of time you run or walk for.