Sports massage

Sports Massage is the term applied to the discipline of using massage for the specific benefit of all sports and exercise participants. It covers the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body eg. muscles, ligaments and tendons. Regardless of whether you exercise or play sport to keep fit, or compete at club or international level, sports massage may have something to offer you.

Pregnancy massage

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many changes, some of them stressful and uncomfortable. Massage is a great way to reduce stress and promote general well-being. It helps the mother’s body to eliminate waste products which combats fatigue and helps the mother feel more energetic. It can alleviate muscular discomforts like cramping, tightening, stiffness, tension as well as common discomforts like backaches, leg cramps, headaches, edema, and sore and swollen ankles and feet. It can also increase local and general blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of both the mother and fetus. Doctors all agree that a relaxed mother will have a happier and healthier pregnancy

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage can be suitable to aid relaxation or to treat many problems, including muscular pain, injuries, tension, stiffness and insomnia. Usually a full-body treatment, however the session can be tailored to the areas that need most work: often the shoulders, back or legs. Therapeutic massage may also be a relaxing, stress relieving treatment and is suitable for people without specific problems.

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